Survey on Joint Photographic Experts Group [JPEG] Watermarking

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Format: Volume 1, Issue 2, No 3, 2013.

Copyright: All Rights Reserved ©2013

Year of Publication: 2013

Author: M.Veni,Dr.P.Eswaran


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The expansion of the Internet has frequently increased the availability of digital data such as audio, images and videos to the public. Digital watermarking is a technology being developed to ensure and facilitate data authentication, security and copyright protection of digital media. Watermarking, which belong to the information hiding field, has seen a lot of research interest recently. There is a lot of work begin conducted in different branches in this field. Steganography is used for secret communication, whereas watermarking is used for content protection, copyright management, content authentication and tamper detection. We classify the techniques based on different domains in which data is embedded.



Watermarking, internet, authentication.

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