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Format: Volume 1, Issue 2, No 4, 2013.

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Year of Publication: 2013

Author: N.Sudha Bhuvaneswari,S.Yamuna


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Data mining techniques have been used in medical research for many years and have been known to be effective. Cancer has become the leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer is one of the dreadful diseases in the world claiming majority of lives. Though cancer research is generally clinical and biological in nature, data driven statistical research has become a common complement. Predicting the outcome of a disease is one of the most interesting and challenging tasks where data mining techniques have to be applied[1]. Implementing accuracy in this classification by finding out the ratio of cancer in male versus female cases and also which areas record highest cancer rate and whether habits, diets, education, marital status, living area etc., which play important roles in cancer pattern.


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ID3, classification, decision learning, Common Disease, Prediction.

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