A Serial Based Encryption for Enhanced Access Control in Cloud Computing

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Format: Volume 1, Issue 2, No 5, 2013.

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Year of Publication: 2013



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Cloud storage allows us to enjoy the on demand cloud application without any hardware implementation. Cloud provides the service a required by the cloud user in a rental basis. Even though the cloud issues the cloud application without any physical implementation results in a security risk since the cloud data can be accessed by everyone.When requested data from the user is retrieved from CSP, Organization needs to secure their data & CSP. Access to CSP should be flexible so that it can adapt the different conditions easily. To maintain data integrity on CSP, Attribute based encryption (ABE) with KP-ABE and CP-ABE can be used with access control implementation for cloud computing. But these schemes also lack of scalability and flexibility .Cloud computing is an advanced emerging technology. In this world the storage of data is a big headache for all. Cloud computing is an efficient solution for the easiest and fastest storage and retrieval of data.


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