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Format: All Rights Reserved ©2014

Copyright: All Rights Reserved ©2014

Year of Publication: 2014

Author: Gopinath Ganapathy,A.Kavitha


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As Cloud Computing becomes widespread, more and more sensitive data are being centralized into the cloud. Although normal searchable encryption schemes permit a user to securely search over encrypted data using keywords and retrieve files of its interest, these techniques support only perfect match keyword search. This work for the first time to formalizes and solves the problem of “Effective Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud data”. It maintains privacy and security of keyword more than Effective Search. The keyword search greatly increase system usability by returning list of matching files when user’s searching inputs exactly match the predefined keywords or the closest possible matching files based on keyword similarity. In the proposed solution, the ranked search mechanism is constructing keyword sets based on two advanced techniques, which gives solution for optimized storage and representation overheads. Further a relevance score is built to form a searchable index and transformed from the resulted keyword sets. The data owner save their information with security and share the files into authenticate person with different level access permission.


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Ranked search, searchable encryption, Cloud computing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.   

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