Transpose-Minify Model for data processing in Cloud

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Format: Volume 2, Issue 1, No 2, 2014.

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Year of Publication: 2014

Author: S.Asha,T.Menaka,Dr.N.Nagadeepa.


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The user can use the data and perform the operation in the cloud at any time. Thus the cloud gives highly security and efficient to use the internet based on their needs. In cloud computing has given many factors. The interesting things are hardware cost is very low, the storage area and power capacity are very high, and the growth of data generated by digital media, authoring web, scientific instrument, physical simulation, etc. The important in cloud computing is how it will effective to use and store the data and query and analyze the dataset these are most important challenges in cloud computing. In order to provide solution for this problem software framework. We use Transpose-Minify Framework. It is used for managing the data in effective way.


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map reduces, data processing, transpose, minify.

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