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Format: Volume 3, Issue 2, No 2, 2015.

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Year of Publication: 2015

Author: B. Selvam,K. Ravikumar


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A wireless sensor network (WSN) (sometimes called a wireless sensor and actor network (WSAN)) are spatially distributed independent sensors to monitor physical o ecological conditions, such as temperature, sound, force ,etc. and to cooperatively pass their data through the network to a major location. The design of such application presents important challenges and requires the assistance of several methodologies and tools. Multi-Agent systems (MAS) have been recognized as one of the most suitable technologies to con- tribute to this domain due to their suitability for modeling distributed and independent complex systems. This work aims to contribute in the help of the design of wireless sensor social network applications. The future architecture exploits the advantages of MAS for modeling WSN services, network topologies and sensor device structural design.


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Privacy of social Network (PSN), Wireless Sensor Networks, Distributed System Design, Multi-Agents System, Centralized Base Station, Distributed Base Station

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