Kaizen in Computer Literacy Rate – A Study on Impact of Tamilnadu Government’s Cost Free Laptop Computer Scheme in Ramanathapuram District

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Year of Publication: 2016



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This paper presents an empirical study that attempts to find out the extent to which Tamilnadu State Government‟s Cost Free Laptop Computer Scheme brought Kaizen (a Chinese word, which means „continuous improvement‟) in the Computer Literacy Rate of Rural Students. The Government has been encouraging students through various welfare schemes at high & higher secondary school-level and it is the main reason for higher rate of enrolment of students at collegiate education. This article is an outcome of research made on impact of Government‟s free laptop schemes in Ramanathapuram district.


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Computer Literacy Rate, Free Laptops, School & College Students, Ramanathapuram district, Tamilnadu Government.

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