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Format: Volume 4, Issue 1, No 2, 2016.

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Year of Publication: 2016

Author: M.Parthiban,Prof.S.Ramesh


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The fisherman may sometimes cross their area limit without their knowledge. This causes lot of problems. They may be caught by other peoples. In day-to-day life many fishermen being caught and put under custody. The sea border between the countries is not easily identifiable, which is the main reason for this cross border cruelty. There is a need to safeguard the uneducated fishermen crossing the border and guides them to go in a right path and save their life. This method help to design a system using RF signals which protect the fishermen by notifying the country border to them by using Global positioning system (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication(GSM).


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DGPS, GSM, Piezo-buzzer, Latitude, Longitude

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