A Study on E- Governance Scenario in Karaikudi Region- with Reference to Healthcare Sector in IT

Alagappa Institute of Skill Development & Computer Centre,Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.15 -16 February 2017. IT Skills Show & International Conference on Advancements In Computing Resources (SSICACR-2017)

Format: Volume 5, Issue 1, No 26, 2017

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Year of Publication: 2017

Author: PR.Saranya


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Current e-Governance scenario in healthcare sector in India is disappointing. Public health service run by Government is overburdened and collapsing. Large geographical size, increase population density, inaccessibility, illiteracy, poverty, poor nutritional status, diversity of food habit and life style are various impediments. Government priorities for providing food, safe water and school education are yet to be fulfilled. At this stage low budget for health, lack of funds and coordination have triggered down trend in health services. E-governance is the use of ICT (Information and Communication technology) by the government to deliver faster and better services to the masses. The results are discussed in terms of implications for higher learning institutes and future research.


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e-governance, Healthcare, ICT, tele-refral.

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