Web based Digital Library of Groundnut in India using Client Server methodology

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Format: January - 2009

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Year of Publication: 2009

Author: Sumanth Kumar VV1 and Shanthi D2

Reference:IJCS SI – 2009/01

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Development of web based digital library is an attempt to share the vast research information on groundnut available at NRCG and other agricultural organizations of India. This web solution has provided complete snap shot of the groundnut research in India by collating all the information from different sources and shared through worldwide web using effective digital library technologies. These research results were accessed by different stakeholders and transformed them into educational and information services further to their stake holders. The developed portal which provides one stop shop solution related to data, information and images related to Released varieties, Wild species, Diseases, Pests and Nutrient Disorders of Groundnut in India using high end technologies like SCORM etc. This application was made available to all the stake holders involved in groundnut research and groundnut agriculture over World Wide Web and implemented using web 2.0 technologies. The Linux based Red Hat Linux operating system is used for implementing the base layer upon which MySQL Database, Apache Webserver with Tomcat Java Engine and SCORM is installed for effective implementation of digital library. This enhanced the robustness, makes resource share and shares exhaustive information related to groundnut more conveniently over worldwide web.


In recent years, the great expansion of distributed resources such as the Internet has set-up a framework for the realisation of an age-old vision: gaining first-hand access to vast amount of information. The concept of a digital library is a step towards the realisation of this vision, and can be regarded (from a computer science perspective) simply as a distributed information system. However, the essence of a digital library is information, and brings new challenges to information retrieval (IR). In this project, we focus on image based information model for distributed digital libraries and on techniques for using dynamic links and the implication of this digital library for the process and nature of distributed information retrieval. Likewise, this Digital Library initiative will promote and explore the innovative interface of ICTs for image-based learning and information divulgence. The main objective was to survey, collect and create a database of images of released varieties, wild species, diseases, pests and nutrient disorders of Groundnut in India and sharing them over worldwide web by developing efficient information system that helps different target groups in the process of decision making & e-learning.
Initially we have identified varieties, pests & diseases to be photographed systematically through various


Online Groundnut library, Digital Library.

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