A survey on security forthe Internet of Things using Particle Swarm Optimization

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Format: Volume 7, Issue 1, No 1, 2019.

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Year of Publication: 2019

Author: Dr.B. Indrani, Mrs. Ilakkiya


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Smart City paradigm is one of the emerging domain, in which the Internet of Things (IoT) has fueled the process raised widespread concern within the whole ICT community. The term IoT refers to the connecting sensors, man and the physical things with the assistance of networks or different communication technologies to build intelligent things to things network. The rapid large-scale deployment has faced several challenges, particularly in security and privacy problems for sensible, connected and mobile IoT devices and platforms. IoT has various characteristics from the conventional communication networks, associated with its specific options and threats. Especially, finding a solution for the security-related issues, when IoT nodes like physical things, client, servers, and objects with accuracy, confidentiality, reliability and novelty certification, and authorized. Of course, it's conjointly necessary to strike a balance between the supply and therefore the security and privacy protection for IoT. The special issue can specialize in the IoT devices and platforms with high security and privacy-protective technologies for dashing up technological progress and attracting new researcher’s considerations regarding the growth during this field. In this paper, they discussed various challenges that are faced by IoT security are highlighted.


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Accuracy, confidentiality, reliability and novelty certification and authorized.

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