A Literature Review of Efficient And Reliable Communication To Reduce Broadcast Storm in Vanets

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Format: Volume 8, Issue 1, No 1, 2020.

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Year of Publication: 2020

Author: V.Velmurugan, J.Martin leo manickam


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VANET has been an active field of research and development for years and related to fields like the following various existing techniques surveyed with their advantages and limitations. Several existing techniques are involved in the transmission of data among the vehicles. Networking, automobile, transportation and security, broadcasting, content prioritization, quality of service and performance, transmission power, Interference and Collision. If the overflowing is not taken up efficiently, broadcast storm problematic transpires. The components of broadcast storm are Heavy channel contention, long-lasting message collisions, and many redundant rebroadcasts. This chapter reviews various approaches and protocols in VANET along with its drawbacks and benefits.


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broadcast storm, routing protocol, vanet

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